UNICEF Canada Community Child and Youth Well-being Survey

Give young people a voice in decisions that affect their well-being.

Too often, decisions about children and youth are made without understanding their lives and without their involvement.

The UNICEF Canada Community Child and Youth Well-being Survey gives children, youth and their communities a powerful tool to make growing up great. The survey was developed by UNICEF Canada in partnership with communities and young people. It is delivered by communities for communities, to understand what life is like for children and youth, take collaborative action and monitor progress toward better well-being.

The survey is a self-report questionnaire completed by young people ages 9 to 18. It asks them how they think and feel about their experiences across all the dimensions of life that matter to them. It gives the community the data to help identify local priorities for action, and the opportunity to learn together with other communities. Using the toolkit is as easy as following five simple steps:

            STEP 1: Review section one of the survey toolkit to learn more about it

            STEP 2:  Contact UNICEF Canada to ask for a Licensing Agreement

            STEP 3: Complete the UNICEF Canada Licensing Agreement and get the survey 

            STEP 4: Follow the survey steps in the toolkit to deliver the survey in your community

            STEP 5: Share the survey results with the community and take action